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Reading a book doesn't improve the results from your networking, only you can do that. Ninja Networking has a number of downloads designed to help you putting the book into practice. Feel free to use these downloads in your own networking, although not for passing to other people. I'd rather they read the book and selected the worksheets most relevant for them.

To get your download – click referral elevator worksheet


If you are running your own business and your networking is notworking, or notworking well enough, you need help to change the situation. 

“Ninja Networking” has tactics to help you if you don’t know how, don’t meet the right people, are introverted, or any number of other commonly cited reasons for networking notworking.

As you don’t have much time to read this book, as you’re busy running your business, it’s written so you don’t have to read it all.

If you want your own copy of Ninja Networking, download an electronic copy by entering your details here. Once you’ve done that I’ll email you a copy of the book and will send you further networking tips (unless you ask me to stop, which you can do at any time).

Having got your download, why not read some other articles on improving your networking?

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