7 ideas to improve team meetings

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Team meetings are a critical part of helping your team to do their job. If your team doesn’t perform as you expect, it’s probably the meetings that a not working. Here’s 7 ideas to help supercharge your team meetings and improve productivity.

If it feels like you and your team survive meeting mayhem, with minutes taken and hours lost, or they just do nothing.  If that’s true you need to improve things. These ideas will help you supercharge your team meetings and improve productivity.

Team meetings are a critical part of helping the team to do their job. That team meetings a critical part of your role, like it or not! If your team meetings are not producing results, you need to change them.

This article looks at how your communication style can improve your team meetings and how to structure them.

Your communication style can improve your team meetings.

There are three main ways of communicating, it’s important to use all three rather than just your natural style.

  1. Short summaries without lots of detail (can be perceived as blunt, or direct focused and to the point).
  2. Expressing feelings and emotions. (This can engagingly wander off topic making use of metaphor and stories, or drive people up the wall “please get to the point“)
  3. Highly structured, with lots of detail, facts and figures. (This can appear harsh and impersonal, or knowledgeable and precise.)

These three preferences exist and can improve all of your communications. Nowhere is this likely to be more important than when trying to improve your team meetings.

In your team, there is likely to be a mix of people and a mixture of preferred styles. As you want to connect with the whole team, it’s important to be able to use all three styles. Have you thought about their natural styles, as well as your own?

Improve your team meeting

Team meeting, with leader sharing her vision and values

Each of these three styles has a place in a meeting and structuring the way you present to allow people with any of the preferences will improve engagement.

  1. Open the meeting by being very clear and giving a succinct purpose to it.
  2. Give it some structure, let people know that it won’t go on forever – especially those under time pressures.
  3. Add a very clear purpose statement before each agenda item.
  4. Summarise each item to be clear what action will take place. Not only is this good practice, but will also help those people who prefer succinct communication.
  5. Have a structured agenda that is issued well before the meeting.  Include enough detail to allow decisions to be made. This will help those that crave structure and detail.
  6. Allow people to talk (within the limits of the time you’ve set) and allow time for the team to wander off agenda, tell stories and cover ground in a different style. This will help those that like to express emotions and feelings, did you read “you are 96% Chimpanzee and what this means for your meetings” ?
  7. Flex your communication style to cover all three preferences. This will help you get your message across and engage the whole team.

What team meeting horror stories do you have, or maybe things that have helped you improve your meetings?

Written by Jon Baker. I work with small business owners who want to achieve sane success. You started your own business to be successful and improve your life, not stress it out due to pressure. I would love to discuss any of the matters in this article, feel free to email me.



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