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Networking, in one of its many forms is something most business owners do, as part of growing their business.

Networking could be about business networking groups who meet (solely) for passing referrals; some are more relaxed and part of a business/ social support system (as well as a way of getting business). I noahter guise business networking can involve no ‘official’ networking meetings at all!

Common to all these forms is people, the relationships between them, and getting something out of the relationships.

Here are selection of articles about networking and how to get better at it.

Read Ninja Networking

“Ninja Networking” is a book written to help business owners get more business from business networking. Find out more about this book and download your copy today.

“Quick and easy to read, yet leaves powerful long lasting thoughts and actions behind.”
A. Phillips- A.N.G. Design Consultancy

“Brilliant book, clear, effective, practical, easy to read, and has a different perspective on the subject.”

Chris Ives (aka Mr Pink) – Regional leader 4Networking


Create networking associations

Here's how to get more referrals and save time when networking. It's a great way to build your business, but can take too long. Nearly every business owner who succeeds at networking focuses on associations, not selling. Here's how...

Networking with a beer

Teach timewaster tests

Fed up of getting referrals that are no good? If you want to stop wasting so much time and get better results from your business networking, teach timewaster tests.

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