Sane Success is a monthly email that I send to the owners of small businesses that are looking to improve their firm. It’s full of ideas to improve your firm, that I have used, or my clients have used – and they work.

Improve normally means “grow”, so there are always business growth tips that I know work.

I call it “Sane Success” as this reflects a belief that there is no success if you are overly stressed and not enjoying what you do. So there are also ideas to help with cracking the pressure involved in running your own growing business.

While you’re waiting for your first copy, have a read of some older articles.


Sell more by selling less

Do you have fond memories of the old style double glazing sales person , talking at you for hours; then making a call to get you a special discount? Most business owners hate being sold to by people who drone on, use sales tricks from the 60's and seem to get more...

Sell more in your Sales meeting with three people
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