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If you know what your business needs and want support to get it there, so you become at the top of your performance, you may be interested in one to one coaching.

One to one programmes are flexible and designed around your needs; but always focus on you and your performance.

All coaching programmes are bespoke, so let’s talk to see if I can help you.

Real coaching is much more powerful than just learning things. You will reflect on and learn from your skills as well as the things that haven’t worked for you. With no more excuses about ‘I didn’t have time’ you will deliver on the important things in your business. The important things that generate results.

A word of warning. Coaching can be uncomfortable, it can make you realise truths about yourself that you’ve hidden. However, fixing these issues is important in your development.

Please call me on 07803 082 724 or email

Through Jon’s regular group coaching meetings I’ve been looking at some of the key things I need to adjust in the way I run my business. The results have been overwhelmingly positive: Even though I haven’t actually completed all my actions yet, just having them in my mind has led to me working smarter – without really noticing. We’ve also been looking at business road maps, planning into the future. Just physically creating the map has shown me that I’m trying to cram far too much in, and so the whole process has been invaluable in helping me streamline and simplify the business, and achieve more as a result. I can thoroughly recommend Jon. He has a rare talent for coaching business owners to success.

Angela Sherman

Jon has a superb balance of being challenging and encouraging at the same time. He can bring the best out of the individuals he’s coaching and enable them to get the best out of their teams. I’m delighted to recommend Jon as a superb coach.

Micheal Beale

Jon is astute businessman with keen sense of the bigger picture, he is able to provide an objective perspective and not afraid to tackle the head on sensitive issues; his directness is refreshing!

Sharon French

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