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Help me get my team and business working better.

You have been running your business for a while now. Getting your first member of staff was hard, but now you’ve taken that in your stride. The trouble is that it seems to get harder and harder to get things done!

Maybe you’ve found it’s easy to get more business, but extra sales don’t seem to generate extra profit. In fact, it may feel like you’re working flat out to give your staff a wage! The ‘get my team working’ mastermind club will help you earn more, rather than just sell more!

It’s time to focus on your systems, and especially your team. You know you want to get your systems to work consistently in line with your strategy, but you may be wondering where you should start, or even find the time to start.

You want your team to take more responsibility, to work more consistently and to deal with things without you having to always be there for them. A real focus on team and staff development is needed to help you move your business to the next level.

If this feels like your business, you should join the ‘get my team working’ mastermind group. Membership lasts for a year, will take away worries and help you stabilise and then grow your business.

How many of these have you asked yourself?

  • How do I get team members to take more responsibility?
  • How can I get team members to sell as well as I did?
  • How should I go about creating progression for good staff?
  • How do I make my branding suit the growth we’ve had?
  • How do I stop spending time on things that don’t deliver income
  • Which is the most effective form of marketing now, and how do I get started?
  • How to involve the team in my digital marketing?
  • What about all this GDPR stuff?
  • How do I get it all done?
  • What should I focus on, today?

If you ask yourself these questions, it’s time you were ‘getting the team onboard‘ in your mastermind programme. This programme will help improve your business development skills, get you focused on delivery and help you see ways around problems you can’t see at the moment. We will also work directly on your team.

You’ll be working with similar minded business owners, and learning from them too.

Membership lasts for a year, will reduce your worries and help you build a solid foundation for your business’ future.

I can honestly say that without Jon to hold me accountable, to bounce ideas off and help me clarify my objectives and strategy I would not have been anything like as successful.

Thanks to Jon’s expert guidance, support and the fact that he asked lots of really hard questions, I had to stand back and really think.


Mick Holloway

Managing Director, 24-7

Working with Jon has created focus on marketing and strategy; by holding me accountable I’ve got a lot more done.

He’s also helped me restructure the team and how I work with them, allowing me space to further grow the firm.

Most importantly coaching has been an important element of the firm’s 80% growth in the last two years.

Guy Robinson

Director, Xebra Accounting

Improving your business mind.

You are at the core of your business, so your programme includes a year of coaching and mastermind meetings to focus on you, your skills and how you use your resources.

Changing what you do involves changing how you think and changing your habits; that can be tough and takes time, but it’s the only real way to change things – instant fix magical solutions don’t work.

Improving your business body.

Your staff are key to everything you do, so your mastermind programme will focus on developing your staff skills and developing your staff’s skills.

You may also need to improve your marketing, so your one year membership includes a new website (if you want one), and teaching the staff how to use it well. There are also new marketing materials for you, and a branding consultation, so you can immediately improve your business image and marketing strategy.

‘Getting the team onboard’ mastermind club

Join the mastermind club to get back control of your life, spend less time worrying about what you need to do,  and actually grow your business. Your monthly masterclasses will start immediately, you’ll have a library of business development material to help you, and a coach on hand for all those difficult moments.

Jon is a great coach who has helped me keep a focus on growing the business, with good strategies and also focused on getting the most out of my staff.

Keith Witchell

Director, KRW Accountants

The membership package for you.

Your next steps

Businesses that are 1-4 years old
From £62.50/Month
  • Immediate help with strategy
  • 5 day phone support
  • Monthly masterclasses
  • Bimonthly mastermind meetings
  • 6 One to one coaching sessions
  • Your website, built for you
  • Branding consultation
  • A banner for your networking meetings
  • 250 new business cards
  • Team strategy meeting
  • Training for your supervisor
  • Staff development package
Strategy and planning meeting - "Clarity on how to move forward"

This inspirational meeting will help you clarify exactly what you need, the way your need to do it, and how to do it.

We will investigate what is, and isn’t working for you. I’ll help you to reaffirm your direction and the steps you need to be taking. Then we’ll create a marketing plan and a sales plan that will help you get more customers to sign up. We will spend some time starting to think about how to get your team more involved and responsible in your business.

Most importantly, you’ll have a clear series of actions that you can take without feeling overwhelmed.

Mastermind meetings - "challenge, support and achievement"

6 mastermind meetings through the year will challenge you, teach you, and inspire you. Each meeting is a chance to sit down and focus on your business, learn techniques to fix the issues and develop your skills.

Most importantly the chance to listen to the issues that other business owners, like you, are suffering with and how they are getting round them.

Sitting in front of your peers, discussing issues and what you are going to do in your business will help you create a laser sharp focus and the accountability to put it into place. A word of warning –  sitting in front of me and your peers will really hold you accountable to take the actions you commit to, are you ready to go to the edge of your comfort zone?

Monthly masterclasses - "Learn how experts do it"

Your monthly masterclasses will keep building your skills and keep you on track. There’s help on business development, sales skills, using your website, getting more done, maximising exhibitions, increasing your confidence, marketing and more. After every masterclass you get an action summary and a recording of the masterclass. Ask me for the syllabus.

One to one coaching - "you are your worst enemy, and best resource"

Your monthly coaching sessions through the year will really push you to do what you’ve said you will. They will leave you inspired, focused and raring to go.

Real coaching is much more powerful than just learning things. You will reflect on and learn from your skills as well as the things that haven’t worked for you. With no more excuses about ‘I didn’t have time’ you will deliver on the important things in your business. The important things that generate results.

A word of warning. Coaching can be uncomfortable, it can make you realise truths about yourself that you’ve hidden. However, fixing these issues is important in your development.

Your website - "Professionally built, owned by you"

It maybe that you have an amazing website already, but if not here’s your chance to get it redeveloped. Your new website will be one that you fully own and understand! You’ll be able to make changes to it, as you need them and you’ll learn how to improve it’s ‘Google rankings’.

It’s worth noting our beliefs about website ownership too – you own the site, the hosting, the domain name and the content. Some web designers make it hell for you if you ever want to change your website, not us!

Phone support - "Help when you need it most"

When those little panic moments happen and you worry about “what should I do” or “how do I deal with this”, or “how do I deal with this staff issue”, you now have somebody to ask. I want you to succeed in your business, as a member you are entitled to unlimited phone support. It’s all about helping you worry less and achieve more.

Branding consultation "looking more professional"

You probably already have a great logo and some branding that you’re proud of. Good. But I bet your offer has changed slightly over the years, you’ve added some new products or now emphasise different parts of what you do.You might have outgrown some parts of your brand, it may be that you need to refresh it.

The trouble is you’re probably not a branding expert, although you know that for a business your size a professional brand is critical. But where should you start?

You will have a consultation with a branding expert who can advise you on how to maximise and if necessary improve on what you’ve got.

This session will leave you clear on what you can do with your existing marketing material and how to easily refresh it to be in line with what you do now. Excited? You will be.

Your banner - "Getting more professional"

Have you ever looked at networkers and exhibitors that have those professional looking banners standing on their desks and thought “They’re a great idea, I want one”? That’s good, because you’re about to get one included in your membership pack.

If you also think it’s about time you had some new business cards, here’s 250 to get you going.

Team development - "get your team working as hard as you are"

There are three things that will help you to start getting more from your team.

  1. Confidence that you’ve structured their roles and their development plans the right way,
  2. A more profitable relationship with your team leader/ supervisor.
  3. Knowing that the whole team are fired up, wanting to move forward in ways that will help the business.

In your membership I will work with you to deliver all three of these elements.

  • I will help you to train your team leader and spend a session with them as well.
  • I will help you develop a professional competency and development framework that helps your you and your staff.
  • I will run a team strategy and feedback session (“team away day”) that will clear the air and get them fired up to help you moving forwards. A word of warning though, the feedback is very powerful and you need to be ready to accept and learn from it.



It was an absolute pleasure having the opportunity to work with Jon. I could always rely on Jon to help encourage and develop my delivery; both in leadership skills and enhanced business skills. I feel it made a real difference to how I carried out my work as well as how I worked with and led other colleagues.

Jon and I keep in regular contact to this day and I still make use of the invaluable skills I learnt from him.

Phil Atkins

Head of site works, Bletchley Park Trust

I have known Jon for quite a long time and we needed to discuss some development and the advice and help he has given has been invaluable. No nonsense and great service.

Jet Shah

Director, Telephone

Working with Jon created real focus, he was an important part of the firm’s dramatic growth.

Keith Witchell

A mouse - get it, as in click your mouse here :)
If you’re ready to join, let’s get started.
In three easy steps.

A dog and bone - get it? As in let's speak on the phone :)
Still got some questions?
We can sort that on a phone call.

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