Step 2

OK, so it’s time we started talking about terms and conditions, what you can expect of me (and I can expect of you).

You can download a copy of these terms and conditions for your record, by clicking a link at the bottom of the page. When we first meet up, we will exchange signed copies of our contract, which will include these T&C’s.

‘Next steps’ mastermind club – terms & conditions.

Yes, I know traditional marketers would try to hide all these until you’ve signed your life away, in blood. I want to be totally up front, so please don’t desert me yet.

Persons in the contract

You will enter into a contract with Jon Baker, for the purposes of providing you services (coaching, masterclasses, mastermind meetings), a website and marketing materials.


There are two payment plans. All payments are made via GoCardless.

  • Payment plan 1: The full amount (£2,200) is paid upfront.
  • Payment plan 2: You pay a monthly amount of £230.

If payments are more than 14 days late I can suspend provision of all services, and if payments are more than 30 days late your membership is terminated.

Length of contract

You are entering into a 12 month contract which commences on the date we have our initial discussion.

Termination of contract

You can terminate the contract before the end of the 12 month period, giving one month’s notice. Upon termination you will no longer be able use any of the services. Ownership of website and marketing materials do not pass to you unless all payments for the whole contract period are made. If you are unable to return said marketing materials, you will be invoiced for them.

Creation of your website

I will build a 5-page WordPress website, that you can access/ edit, within 4 weeks of our agreed project plan starting (assuming you provide the necessary information on time). The site will not include shop pages. Once payments are made in full you will have ownership of the website, domain name, hosting and intellectual property. I will provide you with full access to your accounts and remove my access at that time.

Ownership of your website

Once payments are made in full you will have ownership of the website, domain name, hosting and intellectual property. I will provide you with full access to your accounts, and remove my access at this time.

I believe this is important in the purchase of any website, as I’ve seen too many web designers retain the rights to sites or made the transfer difficult.

Non attendance.

If you miss attending a meeting(s) I am not liable to provide additional meetings to make up for this. If you miss a masterclass,  I will make a recording and transcript available for you.

If, for reasons beyond my control,  a meeting is postponed, we will agree an alternative date/ time for the meeting.

Intellectual property.

In your membership you may be given various models, or other items to improve your business. I retain intellectual property rights over these materials, although you may use them for the development of your business while you are a member.

Marketing materials.

The marketing materials will be with you within four weeks, assuming you provide information on time. Ownership of marketing materials remains with me, until all payments are complete. If you are unable to return said marketing materials you will be billed for them.

Validity of advice

As a member you are responsible for enacting decisions that you make for your business. Suggestions, or advice given during coaching, masterclasses or mastermind meetings are all for you to decide upon and implement. I am not responsible for the results of such implementation.


I do not pass any details of our transaction to other parties, or that our transactional relationship exists, unless you have given express permission for me to do so (except as may be required by law – e.g. by HMRC).

Each of us agrees to treat information provided by the other relating to its business, and customers as confidential and to use it only in relation to the Services.

Details of any discussions in mastermind groups are to be kept confidential by members of the groups. Discussions in a mastermind group are included by this confidentiality clause, you may not pass on confidential information on the business of any other group members.

If you pass confidential details of a mastermind discussion to a third party outside of the group, your membership of the group will be terminated. I cannot be held responsible if another group member breaches this requirement.

Data protection.

As a client I retain data on you, and our discussions, to enable me to deliver the Services to you as a client (“legitimate interests”). I will be holding:

  • Your name, address, email and phone details to communicate with you as a client. The data that’s not required when the contractual relationship ends will be deleted. This data is held in a CRM system (currently Agile CRM), in the USA.
  • Notes from our coaching discussions are held, with 256-bit AES encryption and password protected, on a Microsoft server in the UK. They are deleted when you cease to be a client.
  • Access details of your website. If I built your website I wil lhold access details to it, until you have full ownership. They are stored with 256-bit AES encryption in the USA. These will be deleted when you own the website, or I no longer need access to it.
  • Your name, contact details, and invoice amounts are held in my invoicing system. To comply with HMRC regulations they will remain there after our contract has completed. This data is held in my accounting system (Xero), in the USA.
  • After completion of our contract I will hold your name and contact details, using them to keep in contact with you from time to time, on matters that relate to the services you purchased. This data is held in a CRM system (currently Agile CRM, in the USA).

Fantastic, if you’re happy with these it’s time to move to step 3 (after you’ve downloaded a copy for your files). If you’ve now got some questions, rather than proceed to step three, let’s arrange a time to speak on the phone. Clicking on the phone button will arrange some time in our diaries when I can help you.

Please tick

Jon has a superb balance of being challenging and encouraging at the same time. He can bring the best out of the individuals he’s coaching and enable them to get the best out of their teams. I’m delighted to recommend Jon as a superb coach.

Micheal Beale

I’ve had so many additional comments and e-mails following on from candidates that attended your workshop here at Basepoint Luton that I felt it only right that I should let you know just how well your workshop went down with them.

Your absolute professionalism, genuine enthusiasm and motivation was encouraging to many as was the succinct way it was delivered.

Additionally the top scores that you received from ALL the attendees endorses that high regard and you are to be congratulated on your achievement. You are always a very welcome presenter Jon and these comments endorse the reason as to why you are so highly thought of.

Heather Pedder

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