Step 3

Fantastic, you’ve made it this far! This is the third and final step, all you need now is to arrange payment and your membership begins. I’ll get in touch to arrange a welcome meeting (discuss details of workshops and your website) and your strategy workshop.

I process all payment through ‘Go-Cardless’, who process payment for many small (and larger businesses). You need to complete the mandate below, and let me know if you want to pay monthly, or annually.

Once you’ve completed the mandate, I will confirm with you which of these two payment plans you want, then GoCardless will get you to approve it before any payments are taken from your bank.

I could always rely on Jon to help encourage and develop my delivery; both in leadership skills and enhanced business skills.It made a real difference to how I carried out my work as well as how I worked led others.

Phil Atkins

Head of site works, Bletchley Park Trust

One payment

Total Cost £2,200

equals £183.33/ month

Clicking the button below will take you to GoCardless’s website.

Pay Monthly

£230/ month

Total Cost £2,760

Thank you. Once your mandate is complete I will contact you shortly.

Then I can arrange for you to start getting your membership benefits as quickly as possible.

GDPR note: I don’t get to see your bank details, although I can access your email address and name through the GoCardless system. GoCardless are acting as a third party data processor for me. Read my privacy policy by clicking here.

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