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Sell more by selling less

Sell more by selling less

Do you have fond memories of the old style double glazing sales person , talking at you for hours; then making a call to get you a special discount? Most business owners hate being sold to by people who drone on, use sales tricks from the 60’s and seem to get...
A sales process will help you sell more and save time

A sales process will help you sell more and save time

A good sales process will help you save time and sell more, but only works when you follow it! Do you have a sales process with rules that help you to sell more? If not here’s an idea about why you should. A couple of weeks ago I breached one of my own rules,...
Stop wasting time selling

Stop wasting time selling

Your prospects don’t care about you, your product or service. Prospects only care about solving their greatest problems. This article will help you look inside their head and save yourself time when selling.

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