How important is a website to a small business?

What should you think about before price?

Websites are an essential part of modern marketing, no question.

The real question is, what does your small business really need?

You need something professional looking, with good content and taking regard of some important points (below). BUT

Do you need to pay for a brilliant website that will create loads of new leads for you, or do you really need a website to show you are a real business and do a little marketing for you?

Do you need to pay a fortune for technical SEO strategies that can boost your web leads by 100%?

Only you can answer these question, but remember a 100% increase of 1 lead is 2 leads!

Many small business owners buy sites that do far more than they need, at that point in their business growth. Buying something you will grow into in a few years doesn’t work, you may well want a new website by then anyway!

Pay more money normally means get more website, but do you need more website….yet?

Where is your business going, in the lifespan of this website

(and lifespans of websites have shrunk).

Don’t create a website, till you’re clear what you want it to achieve!


Where is your business going, in the lifespan of this website?

(and lifespans of websites have shrunk).

Don’t create a website, till you’re clear what you want it to achieve!


Some of the important and perhaps less important things to consider:

  • Who owns the site? You need to own the intellectual property, and the site. If that’s not specified, the designer owns it!
  • Who owns the domain name? You need to have the domain name in your name, on your account. If not, you may have problems later.
  • Who is hosting the site? If your designer is hosting it and you use a new designer in future, you may have problems. Get the hosting account in your name.
  • Mobile compliant: Google’s mantra is “mobile first”, think about what you site looks like on a mobile phone, not just a desktop. A phone visitor may want different content to a desktop visitor too! That’s not hard to get right, you don’t need to pay a fortune for it.
  • Site structure: Does the structure of the site help visitors, and Google? By structure I mean the way it’s organised, cleanly and simply.
  • Search engine optimised: How important is this to you, really? Of course you want to rank on the top of Google, but for the right keywords typed in by the right people! You certainly need to consider optimisation, but probably don’t need to pay a fortune for it on an ongoing basis (in most small businesses).
  • Cost: Well, let’s be honest you don’t want to pay so much that you can’t afford to change it or update it in two years time. Styles, Google’s requirements and technology will have totally changed by then. But, you do need a good site!
  • Attractive: It needs to be good when a visitor arrives, is it in line with your branding and your personality?
  • Easy for customers to use: Clear menus, easy to navigate, with important things (phone number, email and what you do) easy to find
  • Secure: Having a secure site is increasingly important. Hackers don’t care if your site is only small, they’ll use it for what they want! Secure passwords, two factor authentication and not using the normal WordPress login procedures are all important steps.
  • Updating it: Can you/ do you want to change text and add pages? It is easy to do, but many business owners don’t have the time, or desire to change pages. If you can change content, there’s less pressure to get it right now.

The mastermind club could help you.

Join our mastermind club. You pay for your website over a one year membership period, and in your membership period you will receive workshops on what content you need, how to use your website and how to convert visitors into clients – and that’s just for starters

I’ll be working with you through the year to help you continuously improve your knowledge and website.

You will, of course, end up owning the site, the hosting and the domain name of a securely and professionally built and designed website that can grow with your company.

Call me, let’s get you started.

Your first steps.

You’re in the first year or so of running your business, wanting help to create strong foundations for the future.

Ready for the next steps?

1-3 years into running your business, wanting to get better at growing your business. Being on your own feels hard work.

Get your team working.

You’re working harder, seemingly just to employ people, worrying about how to keep it going AND grow. Stressful?

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