The best 17 freebies to give away at a tradeshow

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You’ve made the decision to have a stand at a trade show for your small business, you’re in the planning stage and are thinking about the thorny issues of freebies. Not should you have any, but what freebies work best at a trade show?

This list is collated from feedback of many ‘veteran’ tradeshow holders, and the providers of the giveaways. There will always be people who just take free gifts, but if you’ve done your homework and chosen the right event, there will be great prospects, too.

This is one of a series of articles on tradeshow for small business owners. Other articles include:

Rules for choosing your tradeshow freebies

the purpose of a free gift is to remind visitors about you and allow them to get back in touch

  • Consider your budget, along with the type of client you want to attract/ the type of person who will be at the show.
  • Choose something that is relevant to your brand in some way.
  • Don’t have inexpensive giveaway items that serve no purpose except to display your logo.
  • Do remember the purpose of you giving a free gift to visitors is to remind them of who you are and allow them to get back in touch.
  • Promotional paperwork is needed, but let’s be honest it is likely to get tossed away. Be sparing with the leaflets, and make them powerful.

17 ideas for trade show freebies that people like to receive

More expensive:

  • USB drives,
  • portable battery chargers,
  • Bluetooth speakers,
  • phone cases,
  • screen cleaners,
  • headphones,
  • activity trackers.
  • Business card holders
  • “Post-it” notes (of course they have your brand, and phone number on)

Less expensive:

  • Reusable bags,
  • T-shirts, (Tip: Keep the logo discrete, if you want people to wear them! People will keep and wear fashionable items with a discrete logo.)
  • baseball caps,
  • sun glasses,
  • mugs,
  • cups,
  • water bottles,
  • stress balls.

One other thought: You’ve spent money renting the space, you’re spending money manning the stand, consult a designer to help with the gifts so they look professional.

What has worked well for you in the past?

Written by Jon Baker. I work with small business owners who want to achieve sane success. You started your own business to be successful and improve your life, not stress it out due to pressure. I would love to discuss any of the matters in this article, feel free to email me.



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