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Your LinkedIn profile is central to everything you do on LinkedIn, however you use it (or don’t). Maybe you are pro-actively searching for contacts to generate new clients, or passively using LinkedIn to enhance your  credibility. This article looks at some work a client did to her profile, and the related LinkedIn profile tips.

Clients often call in between coaching sessions, which I encourage as I love these extra support sessions. This conversation was even better than normal, she gave me good news about about her role, as a result of the LinkedIn profile changes she made.

Being found on LinkedIn

It was a quiet afternoon in her office, while she caught up with briefing her team on their new strategy. The phone rang…

It was somebody looking for an industry expert (their definition). They  wanted more than her “platinum offer” and to work with her introducing a range of other new opportunities.  They were getting on well (even shared some interests), and arranged to have a longer conversation. Finally she asked (you always do this – don’t you?) “Where did you get my details?

We found your details on LinkedIn and are looking for somebody, not just qualified as you are, but with the exact skill set you have. We searched on Google, using the terms that we were most interested in and your LinkedIn profile was the first response. Reading through your LinkedIn profile showed you to have an exact match for our needs.

Improving your your LinkedIn profile really can increase your sales – but no I’m not saying it’s some magical trick.

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Her LinkedIn profile

She wasn’t really using LinkedIn pro-actively (then), but had implemented the following LinkedIn profile tips:

  • ensuring her professional headline that precisely mentioned her way of working and how she helps clients.
  • she had website back links from her LinkedIn profile
  • her profile summary included detail about how she helps clients. But she went on to talk a little about herself too (in fact, that was how they got on so well, the caller had made reference to some of their personal interests).
  • she had got very specific recommendations from clients, and ensured they were available on her public profile.

Since then she has gone on and written some articles on LinkedIn, which show from her profile. She has also added some video to her profile.

5 LinkedIn profile tips

  1. Professional Headline. Ensure the 120 character tagline (that follows you all around LinkedIn, and even onto Google) is up to date and reflects how you help clients.
  2. Websites: LinkedIn allows you to have three company websites, displaying anchor text of your choice (e.g. “Free start-up business help”, rather than “Company Website”). Use all three and change the text to reflect what they offer visitors. It’s OK to select three pages of the same website!
  3. Endorsements: Hide the ones that don’t reflect what you are trying to highlight. If you have lots, move the endorsement section up your profile.
  4. Recommendations: Get new ones regularly (is it part of a process you use?), but help your clients to make them specific. Show a range of recommendations and ensure that best two are at the top of the list. These are the ones that highlight on your profile.
  5. Public settings: Go into your settings and tick the sections you want shown on your public profile. This public profile is seen by Google, people that aren’t connected to you on LinkedIn and by people that aren’t even logged into LinkedIn

What next?

These are only the first steps to using LinkedIn! To start using it pro-actively takes more time, and thought. But at least you can start by getting your profile sorted. That’s all she did before being asked to complete a major piece of work for a new client.

What LinkedIn profile tips have worked for you?

Written by Jon Baker. I work with small business owners who want to achieve sane success. You started your own business to be successful and improve your life, not stress it out due to pressure. I would love to discuss any of the matters in this article, feel free to email me.




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